PABLO ESCOBAR TOURS: It’s been twenty-three years since Pablo Escobar was executed on a rooftop by the paramilitary death squad Los PEPES who were supported by the Colombian government and an elite Colombian military search bloc covertly working with U.S. military and intelligence agencies. Their orders were to hunt down and eliminate Pablo Escobar the notorious druglord of the Medellin Cartel after escaping from his lavish prison where he continued exporting cocaine shipments around the world while keeping a firm grip on his cocaine empire. The ghost of Pablo Escobar continues to influence life throughout Colombia including crime, politics, fashion and entertainment while attracting tourists from around the world to his hometown of Medellin, Colombia.
Pablo Emilio Escobar Gaviria  *  December 1, 1949 - December 2, 1993
In 1989, Forbes Magazine Listed Pablo Escobar As The 7th Richest Businessman in The World With An Estimated Personal Wealth at $25 Billion Dollars

Pablo Escobar was born outside of Medellin, Colombia in the town of Rio Negro. His father Abel was a farmer and his mother Hermilda was a dedicated elementary school teacher. The family was forced to move to the city of Medellin after they were threatened by an armed group belonging to a political party terrorizing the hardworking residents and families in the peaceful farming town of Rio Negro. 

Once the Escobar family settled into their new home in Medellin, an ambitious Pablo Escobar began his criminal career in his early teens with his loyal and trusted cousin Gustavo Gaviria. A young and confident Escobar proclaimed to friends that he would become a millionaire by the time he was 20. Escobar had very ambitious plans for his future and he wasn't about to let anyone get in the way of achieving his dreams.

In the 1970"s Pablo Escobar entered the drug trade in Colombia which was the start of his cocaine empire. It was reported that in 1975 Pablo Escobar hired a hitman to eliminate the local drug lord Fabio Restrepo. Soon after, Escobar took over the drug trafficking organization and quickly expanded operations throughout Colombia. At the peak of his criminal career, Pablo Escobar controlled the powerful and ruthless crime syndicate in Medellin which he ruled with an iron-grip. In addition, Escobar was responsible for 80% of the cocaine that was exported to the United States. His ruthless and influential leadership, made Pablo Escobar the boss of the Medellin Cartel one of the most successful and wealthiest criminals in history,   
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This Unique Daily Tour In Medellin, Colombia Was Developed To Showcase The Life And Death of Pablo Escobar In Addition To Educating Guests On The History of Cocaine And The War On Drugs

The tour begins with guests taken back in time to when Pablo Escobar, the notorious drug lord of the Medellin Cartel controlled the lucrative drug trade in Colombia and unleashed a violent and bloody war against the Colombian state contributing to the death of over 10,000 residents throughout the country.

The first stop on the tour, is the Monaco Building, Pablo Escobar's former family residence were a massive car bomb was detonated by the rival Cali Cartel in an effort eliminate Escobar.

The next stop will take guests to the safe house were Pablo Escobar was hiding with his trusted bodyguard Limon before being executed by the Los PEPES organization as he attempted to escape across the rooftop.

Afterwards, guests will take a ride out to the cemetery on the outskirts of Medellin which is Pablo Escobar's final resting place, buried alongside his trusted bodyguard Limon.

The "Safe House" is the final stop on the tour where guests will learn about the history of cocaine, the violent and destructive impact drug trafficking has had on Colombia and the futile War on Drugs waged by the United States which has contributed to the mass incarceration of its own citizens in addition to the displacement and death of thousands of innocent people across Latin America as drug cartels wage violent and bloody wars for control of the lucrative global drug market. 

​In addition, guests will learn about the many unusual methods and clandestine drug routes developed for exporting drugs around the world, as creative drug traffickers try to stay one step ahead of law enforcement. You will hear several true stories of foreign drug mules attempting to sneak drugs on their flight home.  We highly discourage anyone visiting Colombia with the intention of smuggling drugs out of the country to think twice before it's too late.

There will be a special demonstration for guests visiting the "Safe House" and the opportunity to take several photos with the ghost of Pablo Escobar at the end of the tour. 

About The Pablo Escobar Tour

*The tour is available 7 days a week
*The tour meets in Parque Llerras, in the El Poblado District 
*The tour is scheduled for 10am, lasting approximately 4 hours
*The tour guide's are fluent in English
*The fee is $100,000 Colombian pesos 
The Life and Death of Pablo Escobar  |  The History of Cocaine and The War On Drugs